I have been working as a massage therapist for a while. How the body moves, works and handle its pains/tensions…….has fascinated me.


I went to a course today to learn a new technique/modality for body therapy work.

I did not enjoy as much as used to. Or shall I put it this way…..it did not resonate with me as much as other modality.


I cannot really explain why I felt the way I felt. I just did not ‘click’ with the course. I learnt great deal from the course and this new knowledge can help me with my work. The course was so much focused on anatomy and muscle system. People at the course was using all the terminology from textbooks and I found it boring as. Why do you need to use such difficult words? Can you just use lay-man’s vocabulary? I felt it was like “I know this big words!!” egoistic world.


Don’t get me wrong. The course, attendees, the instructor were so knowledgeable and lots to contribute. I just found a bit different from how I want to approach things.


I am not sure where this blog is heading to……..

I like to say, the direction and focus on my work is shifting. That is for sure.