Today was the most intense emotional release day for a while.

It started from the morning when my partner suddenly decided to change today’s plan. He managed to push the right bottom all day long!!


One thing hit me the most ……

We went to a shop selling all sorts of spiritual things. We decided to get a book each and I went to a counter to pay for it. A woman came to us and asked my partner if he ever read books by Wayne Dyer. Yes we have few books by him and Wayne is my partner’s favourite author. This lady kept talking to him and she completely ignored me. I was standing next to him but in her eyes I was non-existant. I tried to talk to her but she did not return me any eye contact. Then she kept telling him about she went to a cruise with Wayne, attended his workshops etc…. I told him and her we were in his mailing list but she insisted to give him the information of Wayne Dyer’s workshop.


This experience brought up so many things to me to let go of. ‘Being ignored’ is still holding a negativity inside of me. I experienced people ignore me as I was not there often. I wondered why this is the case. I think I still hold old patterns attracting this kind of treatment.


I remember writing about invisibility in a previous blog post. Invisibility is not a negative thing, it is a positive thing. People cannot see you because you are too bright for them. Your light is too shiny and they get blinded.


I believe that. It is not something negative. It is something positive. Maybe she is at the same wave length with my partner, not mine.


Now I am sitting down and writing my thoughts down, I feel much much clearer. I got annoyed with my partner at that time. I think I was annoyed with myself more than anything. We still go through these teaching every day and learning thing along the way.


The time between two lunar eclipses brings up so many layers for us. Good to release old and invite new.