Gosh I have not posted a blog for a while! I have been having ups and downs lately and did not know what to write…….


Beautiful full moon we just had. The energy of the day was so calming and inspiring to me. I had felt clarity of my being and lots of ‘a-ha’ moments.


I was helping out my friend’s workshop on the full moon day. I was in the background, organising morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea etc….   I enjoy this kind of work. I love being in the kitchen. I love creating yummy food and seeing others enjoying the food I offer.


Anyhow. I wondered why I felt such a joy doing the work some people think – slaving in the kitchen.


The answer came to me quiet instantly by Thoth.

I heal people through FOOD I create. Food is energy and living being just like us Humans. When I pour my passion and joy into energy beings, I can change DNA formation in them. I can make them lighter. When I create food, I somehow manage to make it as “light” food. And people who consume benefit. This is healing through food.


I do enjoy healing on physical beings. I access energy matrix within us and re-align our DNA structure. I noticed that I do the same to Food! This was my ‘a-ha’ moment.


Thoth also told me that I can spread Light to mass population in this way. People who might not seek for Healing need to eat! Through food, they receive healing! How wonderful is that!!


We can do this. Anyone can do this. We just need to pour our love into food when cooking. (Did you notice that I like using the word ‘creating’ instead of ‘cooking’?)


Bon appetit 🙂