I feel so wonderful when working with the energy of Goddess Isis. Such a warm high vibration. When I invoke her, I feel her wings embracing me from the behind.


I have a tattoo of wings on my back. I feel that Isis energy emerging from the tattoo and envelope me with her energy. I had this tattoo for a while but the energy I am feeling now is pretty new.


I wonder if this is related to the new tattoo I recently added. I got Ankh between my wings now. Few months back I just had the urge to get Ankh on my back. This is my impulse purchase! This could have opened up the connection with Isis?


Actually the connection was established after receiving the attunement for the course I study now. Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course by Amara Tia Ann.



After receiving the attunement and practiced few times, I am now able to recognise and connect with Isis and Sirian energy more efficiently and effectively. This is such a comforting feeling. I am embraced by such wonderful energies.


So I guess me getting the tattoo of Ankh could just be a coincidence. Or was it??