As a kid, I used to feel/see a dome over my body. While I was lying on my bed, I used to see the ceiling started to change its shape and started to form circular shape. Some times it is pressing against me, like a huge ball was coming down from the ceiling. Sometime, I was encased in a huge ball, expanding out. I still remember this sensation.


Last night, I was lying on the bed in dark, glazing my eyes at the ceiling. I was in meditative state, half sleep, half awake. Suddenly I remember the reshaping of the ceiling I saw as a kid. My bedroom ceiling started to vibrate. I could see energies moving around. It did not form a ball, but it was certainly radiating energies.


I do not know what it was or what happened. I just remember about my childhood and the experience I had in my bedroom. I wonder if I am re-membering something……..