It suddenly came to me……


When I was young (age less than 10), I got bitten by a dog who was bigger than me. Ever since, I had had dog phobia. I just could not go anywhere near dogs, especially big ones.


In later 2009, this changed. I was working at the place where the owner would bring her dogs in. She had one small dog and one larger one. I trusted the owner and her dogs would not harm me. I started to get used to dogs around me. At the same time, I could not go near big dogs who I did not know.


Then All of the sudden, I wanted a dog of my own.

Strange, strange. People who knew I had dog phobia thought it is very unusual for me to own a dog!!!

I ended up purchasing a dog from a local pet shop. She is Almond, you can see her face in my profile photo. Now it is 2013. She has been with us for 3 years. She is a part of our family. I completely got rid of my phobia, and now loving every dogs I come across.


Lately, I am more engaged with Sirian energy. I am told I will be working with them for my healing work. I thought, it may be at around the time I started to lose my phobia and liking dogs, Sirians were making contact with me. Sirius – dog star, is telling me something here. Maybe more I spend time with the animal, more strongly I feel with their energy. I cannot conclude on this one, but I feel something inside of me shifted back in 209/10. This must be the beginning of my relationship with Sirian energy. I certainly believe that.