It has been very interesting few weeks. Last few days are even more intense!


I noticed that I am more open, soft and not afraid to show my emotions. I am not good at showing LOVE to others. It is easy for me to show my love and gratitude towards people outside of my family, but so hard to do towards my immediate family – namely my partner and son. (oh, actually includes my parents and my sister too……. )


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. The day before, I felt immense urge to give my partner a card. Expressing my love to him. I normally hesitate to do this, as I think I feel embarrassed or something….  So, I gave him the card on the anniversary day. All day yesterday, I felt that my icy wall covering my heart was melting down and I can actually express my love towards the person! It’s a dramatic change for me.


It feels nice to be able to open the heart and be true to your feeling. I wonder if this equinox energy is helping to move things along…..