I have been having a tad difficult time lately and am a bit lazy on keeping my blog going…..   I guess many people are affected by the energy surge, eh?


I just cannot make up my mind lately. I make a plan, change my mind, and remake a plan again…..etc this goes on and on. I feel so unsettled and lost. One day I am so sure about what I am doing, and next moment, I am not sure. People might think I cannot make up my mind or just plain procrastination.


The other day I was talking to my star-sister on the phone, and I found out I am not alone on this one. She seems to not be able to put plans into actions neither. Other people also are saying one thing and doing another. It must be the common phenomenon these days.


I am so looking forward to the up-coming equinox. I feel excitement coming up. I feel some new shift is waiting. I feel by then I can make up my mind!!


So, I am just riding waves, going within and be still.