I have been fighting against my own true self. I wasn’t honouring myself. I was lying to my Self.


February energy was throwing me around so hard, and I was feeling depressed and got lost. I could see the blue sky far away, but I just did not know how to get there.


I was in this comfortable place, where “routine” life existed. So familiar and so safe. But something inside of me were crying out for help to get out of this “life” I thought I was living.


I realised that I was not living at all. I was merely existing. There I work at a job which does not fulfill me anymore. My passion and purpose lies somewhere else. I know with my whole body I am living the lie.


No more No more. This needs to change. If I love myself and honour myself, I cannot carry on like this. I need to go with what my heart desires – where unknown potential waits.


I do not know how my new journey brings. I do not need to know. I cannot lie to myself anymore and cannot live the life which does not honour my own Self.


Once I decided to make a big dive into Unknown, I feel free. I am free. And I feel the change in the air. The Universe is already providing me, supporting me and encouraging me to move into the LIGHT.


Freedom. Good, eh.