Looking at the sky today. Saw many beautiful flowing clouds.

They are telling me to “go with the flow of things”.


Time is speeding up even more. We have just celebrated New Year and now it is almost a half of February gone. Time just disappear. This is the sign for us not to procrastinate. If we hold back to do things we desire to do, we will miss opportunities. If we think “oh well will do it one day”, the one day never come.


This is the time of Change. Time of transformation. Time of Alchemical shift.

Do not resist to go with Change. Do not fight back. Just go with it.


There is nothing to worry about. Be excited. Enjoy the ride.


I am getting so much encouragement to make a plunge. Do I have guts to do it? Am I still afraid of Change? Am I procrastinating?


I ask the Universe to give me a courage to follow my heart. I really do want to enjoy the ride of our times.