I am experiencing two totally different worlds. These were co-existed before but now, I feel they are totally different. One resides in 5th or  higher dimension. One stuck in the lower third dimension.


I know and feel which world makes me feel “real” – gives me such a joy cannot be explained with words. I know and feel with my whole body this is where I want to be. Filled with good energy. I feel so humble. I can be who I am and be able to contribute my gifts to others.


Then, I go back to the 3D world. Where I feel just dull. I am a rat in the wheel. Going around and around. I become someone else. I know this. I feel this. Not a good feeling.


Funny thing is that those two worlds were there before, co-excising. Recently, they have different energies. The separation got wider, energies got stronger. Higher energy getting higher, lower getting lower. This I noticed. When I am in 3D world, I get sucked into lower and lower, and feel nowhere out from this spiraling mess. At the opposite end, in 5D world, I am high as the sky, flying up and up.


I know from the bottom of my heart where I need to be. Question is, why am I still hanging out in 3D world?


Experiencing two different worlds and two different identities. Using up my energy in different directions and scattering my focus.


I got to bring them back within myself, feel my heart and soul, and ask myself “where do I want to be?”.