The word I was getting strongly today is Phoenix.


I looked at the sky this morning and saw moving clouds.


Someone told me in my head.



The same thing happened when I was coming home from work this evening.

“Phoenix rising”.

Something whispered in my head.


According to the website I found when I was searching for spiritual meaning of Phoenix, this is what is says. (

“The Phoenix completes this process of soul development. The Phoenix bird builds its nest which at the same time is its funeral pyre, and then setting it alight cremates itself. But it arises anew from the ashes transformed. Here we have captured the alchemists experience of spiritualisation, He has integrated his being so much, that he is no longer dependent upon his physical body as a foundation for his being.

He now stands upon the sureness of the spiritual – he has in this sense attained the Philosopher’s Stone, the Spiritual core of his being. Thus we can sketch shortly the process of soul alchemy, the integration, purification and transmutation of the soul, as pictured in this series of bird symbols.”


This is interesting.

I have been listening to Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind for a while. I am currently completing Day3 section of her audio. She talks about Alchemy a lot.


I wonder my alchemical transformation is underway and thus seeing and hearing Phoenix around.

I wonder……