We experience life dramas every now and then. Even with new consciousness and new energy, these life dramas can create havoc in our lives. I am still learning to ride the waves……..


My partner and I encountered a little difficult situation where other people’s business started to become our business. We tried not to get involved…… but other people wanted us to be in it. We do not wish to have other people’s dramas in our lives. We would rather be in the good energy, not influenced by other lower vibes.



I was sitting in the bed reading the other day. All of the sudden, I felt strong sense of “everything will be OK”. I just felt this immense sense of uplifting, knowing sort of feeling. I could not explain to my partner how I was feeling but I KNEW that this is the sign we asked to receive. I KNEW the situation we were trying to solve was sorted quickly. The universe answered our request!


You can guess what happened next !

Yes the situation just got so much easier next day. Outcome we were wishing for just came about. No more life dramas!


Feeling of Knowing. It is such a great feeling to experience. I LOVE that!


When I face with any difficulty in life, I just ask the Universe to deliver the best outcome for us all. I let go of the issue, and trust the Universe does what it does for the greater good of ALL.


Wonderful, eh 🙂