I used to be a workshop junkie. You know…. I like attending any sorts of workshops. So hungry for information, so hungry for interaction.



I do not get drawn to workshops.

Some sounds very much interesting and would be nice to attend. But I do not feel the same urge as I used to get. My heart does not tell me “YES!! You need to attend!!”.


Last year was different. I felt big “YES!!” to workshops that I actually got to attend. One thing leads to another and my trip to workshop got so easy. It was smooth sailing.


I am not sure why I do not feel any pull towards some events. My focus shifted? Am I leading towards different path?



I feel that this is because I am not searching answers from outside sources anymore. I am looking into my own being and whatever I need to know is always there. I have the knowing that I know whatever I need to know. Wisdom is there within our reach. Wisdom is always hidden inside of us. Just need to tap into it. We look inside, we shall find the answers.


This does not mean we should not stop seeking teachers or teachings.

I found this saying today.


“Teachers open the door,

but you must enter yourself.”


This resonates me so well. I feel this is what I am going through right now. Last year I found many teachers who taught me a lot. This year, I am entering.


I discover more once I enter the door.