It is nice to know you are in the flow with the Universe. Things are so easy and go smoothly. Whatever you think of will come around.


With the shift of Earth into 5th Dimension, manifestation process quickened. You think, then it gets delivered – positive or negative. It is good sign though, if you see things happen moment after you thought about it. The Universe is answering your call!!


We had a very interesting weather yesterday. In the afternoon, all of the sudden, sunny weather turned to thunder and lightning. I had three clients to see in three different locations. I was thinking to myself that it would be great the rain would stop at my convenient time. I did not say it loud, I just pondered the idea.


Funny enough. When I was doing massage with a client inside of a house, it rained hard and thundering. When I finished with a client and needed to go outside to get to my car, it stopped. This happened three times at three different locations! I was so pleased with the Universe answering my wish! Big Thank You to the Universe!


Another manifestation happened today. I had a cancellation today and was thinking of filling the space. I thought about one lady who used to have a session on fridays. Guess what! She contacted me this morning, wanting to have a massage this evening!! I smiled wide. I know this is what the Universe brought me. The Universe is responding my thoughts and I am very much thankful.


When we are in the flow of the Universal energy, the Universe responds for your wish so magically. We are well provided, guided and our needs are met so easily. This comes with Trust we have with the Universe. More we trust, more we get delivered.



THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 The Universe!!