My friend organised a meditation group to send out visions for the new earth. She lives in  different part of the country, so I joined in with my spirit.


I thought about my vision for the new earth. It came clearly to me what it is. On top of that, I received a clear vision for my role, my purpose and my focus for the new earth.


New system of health care for New Earth.


We all know how to heal our own body and bring back our original healthy state. We all have this knowledge, but some of us just forgot.  We all have self-healing mechanism inside of us. We just forgot how to access this.

My role is to gently guide us to awaken our own self-healing abilities. I will be a facilitator / catalyst for us to access our own healing abilities. I will hold the space and guide us to the potential.


It is such an eye-opening feeling to realise what I am here to do and what I can do for others. Now I hold this intention – my vision for the New Earth, and manifest it. Manifestation process has sped up so quickly after the shift, so it is very exciting to see how things turn out 🙂 🙂