We create life dramas. Those dramas create havoc in our lives. We worry, we get upset, we get anxious and we spend so many precious moments focusing on what “might” happen.

They are all illusions. Our imaginary creations. They are only temporary.

I faced with a life drama today. Something I cannot do anything about. But I found myself worrying about this little drama.

I went for a drive. I heard a message in my head. This claimed to be from Sirian High Council. They assured me everything will be just fine. Things I was worrying about will get sorted just the way I like. Nothing to worry about. This is just a blessing in disguise. Great outcome is here.

Such a simple solution. We need to trust the Universe will deliver the best outcome possible.  Things happen the way meant to happen at the right time.

Let it flow. Let it pass. Dramas are illusion. Temporary illusion. Cannot hold on to this. Let it flow.