It is interesting. I use the same technique for a body misalignment and get different responses. Each person is unique and each session is unique. Even I do the same thing, the result can be different.


I noticed that some people do not want to get better and try to hold on to the problems they want me to treat. Whatever I do is not going to work if they think nothing can help them. They might not be consciously thinking about this, but somehow they like having this symptom and do not want to let go. It is a tricky situation. Some of us are not good at accepting ‘physical-emotional’ connection to health issues.


At the other side, some people respond to anything I do. They and their bodies are so good at accepting things and relaxed in the way they can respond to any changes. This is an ideal situation for me and clients. This is when miracles happen. I have been blessed to meet those people whose body respond beautifully.


I just need to work on their emotional/mental state, so that their physical body can heal. People are more open to new information now. Some still works on purely physical level, but more and more people are open to deeper understanding. I think that the new energy is providing new opening for treatment methods.


I believe that one day, we can all heal our own body. No doctors needed.