Works wonder!


I love Distance Healing. People might not be able to understand how it works or do not believe it works. I know it does work and results are amazing.


Especially with this new energy we are receiving and engaging, anything is possible now. We do not have restriction on physical location to engage in Healing. We do not have time restriction neither. I have seen good results with Distance Healing as much as I do with hands-on Healing (client present). Sometime it works better for some situation. I feel this is because I – my personality self do not have change to get involved. When I am with a client, I see the person and how the person looks/ speaks/ dresses/ moves…….might get in the way of energy exchange. When I do Distance Healing, I try not to get any information beforehand. Then it is all about energy. Energy does the work.


I am so blessed to be able to offer this kind of service to others.   I enjoy it so much. I feel honoured to have clients who trust me to do this with them.


I feel that this year and beyond, I am doing more and more of this kind of work. I feel it coming my way. I have been doing physical massage/healing on others so far. Now the time for more energy work.