I was working on a lady with injured knee. She was considering an operation to ‘fix’ the problem. She does not want to, but it might be the only option. Her knee is causing grief.


I got this information while I was tuning into her energy.

Operation is not necessary. We can create the outcome we want. We can manifest whatever we want. She can reclaim her healthy knee with her power of intention.


I saw some sort of geometry multiplying. It started as one shape, and then more and more of the same shape appeared. It is like a cell multiplying. I feel this is what “reclaim healthy knee” is all about. She can produce more healthy cells to the area of injury, replacing damaged ones.


I also saw Maori medicine woman working on her knee with some kind of native plants.


Interesting insight, I thought.

I am sure this is new type of medicine/ health care we will see in the near future. Not trying to ‘fix’ things, but trying to ‘recreate’ things. As you know, we are all came here with healthy body. We know what the original healthy state is. We have perfect health and we want to keep it that way 🙂


So, if you do not feel well, just reproduce healthy cells with your intention. It is that simple!