Feminine energy is getting stronger.

Energy feels rounder, circular and smooth these days. Rough edges are trimmed and everything feels smoother than before. I feel this all around.



My past life as a female brought me so much happiness. Life times in Female role was happy time. On the other hand, when I was male in any life time, it created hardship. So much fighting and struggle. Even fighting for good cause created hard lessons for me as a soul.


I have not felt ‘feminine’ enough till now. I have a child, which makes me a real female – mother figure. But I play the role of ‘father’ in my household. I feel more comfortable in this role. I am not cuddly, kissy type of person. However, I feel I am ready to go back to my feminine role, which I did have difficulty with before.


New energy is helping me to go back to my original self – more feminine energy. With this transition, I feel that my true gift for the universe will uncover itself.


Such an exciting time.