Since 21-12, I gained something new.

Automatic writing.


When I face my computer, my fingers moves and type whatever comes up. I do not think about what to write. Just comes. I guess it is called Automatic writing.


I did not realise I was doing this. I just had a ‘a-ha’ moment. The new energy is allowing me to move into unknown territory. I am trusting my gift more, intuition more, and myself more. I used to doubt alot. Now I know it is just coming naturally and I should not build any barrier to the flow of energy.


I also found doing healing so much easier. I can pick up energy shift, download of different kind of energy, information etc…..  This helps me to move into new area and new level of my life. Such a fascinating changes I am experiencing.


The new energy is giving me so much love and comfort. I feel humble, generous, loving and caring. I even spend a day with my son just watching him doing what he loves doing.


Have a happy christmas to you all.