I was almost awake all night. The night between 20-12 to 21-12. Looking at the stars in the sky of New Zealand, I kept hearing the word “mintaka”.  A bright star blinked, and the word came to my head. This happened few times.  I am not familiar with star names but I think Mintaka is the star where Elohim resides. I might have been getting download from Elohim.


Nice humming sound was in the air last night too. It was like someone was playing a flute. Nice soft sound. I wondered where that came from.


The feeling of my Higher Self floating above me. Ascending to higher realm. I felt my Higher Self enjoying the HUM of Elohim. Such a lovely feeling.


Even though it was raining all day where I live, it was very much of welcoming rain. The word “consolidation” came to my mind.


It was somehow interesting day. I did not do much to remark the special ascension day, but it surely felt something new in the air. I feel that things are getting so much easier from now on. Energy feels so smooth. It is like I had a quite bumpy ride till now and I can finally enjoy smooth ride to reach my destination –  where ever it is.