Such a big day. The day we have been waiting for so long. Our soul is longing for the day to come. Now it is finally here. (tomorrow!!)


I have decided to spend the day doing normal stuff. Just as any other day.

On 12-12, I went to Castle Hill –  the heart centre of New Zealand. I welcomed the new energy coming from the stargate. We activated our original 12 strands of DNA. We bathed in the energy of 5th dimension.


The energy is already here. The 5th dimension is already with us. Tomorrow is the big day, but I choose not to do anything special.


When I stress myself to do ‘something special’, I create “expectation”. Expectation can bring ‘gap’ between outcome and expectation. I learnt not to create the gap, by not expecting anything spectacular. Also, I focus on BE-ing not DO-ing on this special day. I can BE anywhere if I choose to.


So, 21-12. Here we come.

I will welcome the new dawn in my house, doing little meditation. I will intend to carry the new energy throughout the day, holding LOVE and LIGHT whatever I do, whoever I come across. This is a test for me to move into the 5th dimension. I know I am ready. I know I can feel the change in the air. I know I can shine even brighter and access to the truth of my soul.


Focusing on manifesting my own reality, my soul purpose.


SO, everyone. Whatever you do, wherever you are, please hold the light for our galaxy and beyond. Welcome the 5th dimensional Earth, our beloved planet TARA 🙂