Castle Hill, New Zealand. It is Heart Chakra of New Zealand.

New Zealand is Crown Chakra of the world.


I was in Heart of Crown on 12-12-12. This place does magic for me. I love the energy. I love all the rocks there. All the rock people looking around. I am sure they are coming to communicate with us now.


I took more photos there again. Being japanese, I am inseparable with my camera (lol).


Castle Hill 12-12-12 002


Can you see something in this photo? Yes there are spaceships. But what I noticed is that on the right side of this picture, there is a vertical line coming from the top. I did not notice this when I took this photo. I wonder what this is. Is is new energy beaming down??


Oh my dear Castle Hill. For me it is the communication point with Lemurians and the Pleideas.


Castle Hill 12-12-12 019


Circles of Inner Sun, Physical Sun, and Central Sun. The Goddess watching over the three circles. There were 12 of us, we did not plan this number of attendance. We formed our circle and activated our 12 strands of DNA. We celebrated the opening of Lyran Star gate. We welcomed the 5th dimensional energy. We traveled multidimensions.


Such a perfect day. Such a perfect energy.


“We honour you for your HOME COMING”, says Star People.


Yes we are coming home.