As I wrote in my last blog entry, I came to peace with my role at the time of Earth Ascension. I accept my part as a supporting role for the ascension with love. No more fighting to fill the shoes which do not fit me at all.


This acceptance gave yet another realisasion. I am finally moving into “WE” consciousness from “I” consciousness. I dropped the focus on “me” and what I do. The focus is shifted to the whole picture and the role we come to play. We each have a part to fill and each of us are so important in terms of the whole universe.


This is such a big shift for my consciousness! I feel expanded and I feel so peaceful. I drop my individual ego focused mind. I am now moving into 5th dimensional energy!! WOW! Such a joyous experience!!


As the time is getting near, energies are moving so fast and we can accomplish things so quickly and with ease. One thing leads to another and we are all lead to 5th dimensional energy. So exciting!!


Yay everyone! Let enjoy the ride of our times!!