I had  a great break in Wanaka, New Zealand. This place holds special energy. The lake is a vortex, connecting into the middle-earth. (No wonder why NZ is called Middle-Earth! =  Lord of the rings/Hobbit. ) The bottom-less lake has many many crystals. You can pick up bits of crystals by the lake, just like that!


I had a little reunion of my spiritual friends. People who I can really relate to. Souls which I have connection with since long long time ago. With them, I can be myself. No hiding, no masks necessary. The weekend with people who I adore was such a treat! I had wonderful time. The energy of Wanaka helped too.


We go to places, meet others, attend seminars……  these are not accidental. We are guided to be there. I believe that I was there for reason. At the last day in Wanaka, I realised why I was there.



I have been feeling that I am in a shadow of other people. I guess I am shy (my personality self). I do not want to rock the boat (another personality trait). I am not comfortable of speaking out (fear from the past lives). I struggled with this feeling for long time. I wanted to go outside and push myself out there. I wanted to prove I am worth something to someone.


I came to realise that my role at the time of shift (21 Dec 2012) is to just do what comes natural to me =  which is to support others. My role is to support others who lead us to the ascension. We all have a role to play in this ascension. Everyone is needed. No one is wasted. Everyone is essential part of the whole picture.


I realised this and I came to peace with it. At the lake side of Lake Wanaka, I had tears in my eyes, just felt so peace with the idea of ‘supporting role’. You know, any good films have leading role and support role. Good support acts can make a film so wonderful, and can let the lead shine even more. So, this is me. The BEST support actor in this ascension!!


I am sure that after the shift, I get to play the role of leader. I know this will happen eventually. Just not yet. Time will come for me to shine my own light and be peace with it.