Like anyone else in the same path….. I am listening to Judy’s Satori’s Mastery of Mind audio programme.


I normally listen to the audio in bed just before I go to sleep. Sometime I just fall sleep though (lol).

I am getting intense energy waves with Mastery of Mind audio, and I get lots of ideas popping in my head.


As I was focusing on my third eye, I went within. As I went within myself through the third eye, I expanded. It was like having infinite space within my head. Through the door of the third eye, I was accessing to the whole universe. That was what I felt. Access to Infinite. Access to the Whole.


With Human logical thinking, one would think there is limited space available inside of our skull. The space would not expand! 


Energy can expand or contract within space and beyond space. I was travelling energetically within my own body and feeling the space just expands to unlimit-ness. (is there such a word??)


Through the third eye, we can reach our infinite potential. The access to the whole universe is within ourselves. We just need to go within and feel the expansion.

Infinite is so easy to access when we seek it within us.