I am drifting off between Human-Doing and Human-Being these days.

3rd dimensional Human-Doing.

5th dimensional Human-Being.


As our ascension progresses, energy we feel intensifies. The aspect of us which we struggle to let go is giving us hard time. Final stage of clearing and processing is always hard one.


At my part-time cafe work, I find myself trying to DO lots things. Hurrying here and there. Trying to do what need to be done. The place is busy and there is always loads of things to do and not enough hands to help.


At my healing work, I find myself relaxed and just BE with a client on the table. Even when I do do massage, I feel I am just being there and feeling what is happening. I FEEL. This is very important for me.


When I FEEL what I am doing, I am BEING. Things are so easy. My energy flows and vibration is high. Feeling from my heart space enable me to access the part of 5th dimensional energy. I love that feeling. Time stops. Your world is still and yet expands. The energy is so different from mind-oriented, logical thinking 3rd dimensional world. At this level, I am busy doing things and never have enough time. Funny eh.


I consciously keep myself just BE. I got sick of doing things now. I just want to BE. I just want to FEEL not THINK.


Maybe one day, I will be Human-feeling 🙂