Interestingly, I have about 4 clients complaining with their foot. Foot and ankle area is bothering them. They are finding hard to walk as the area gets sore. I would loosen their muscles and manipulate joints as I normally do.


I just thought…….it cannot be coincidence. There might be something going on as many people experiencing similar symptoms.


I thought about it.

I got this feeling/information in my head.


As the energy of the earth shift, we get affected whether we are aware of the shift or not. We receive energy of Gaia from our feet. They are the first contact area of our body. If we are aware of our energy and Gaia’s energy, we will be able to move it through our whole body. However, some of us are still not aware of energy movement, and the foot (the first contact with the earth) would get affected. Hence sore foot and ankle.


Also, I think this is related to us not be ready for the shift. Feet. Providing us ¬†movement forward. If we do not want to move, we won’t put a foot forward. Having soreness there means something is stopping us to move forward. Even this can mean we have no good foundation to make a move. You know, Emotion causes our body to react in certain way. Such an interesting subject.


I wonder if more and more clients will complain about the same area……..