We need to create harmony with all three. They need to communicate with each other to work together.


When we are focusing on Body, like physical exercise, Mind and Spirit can help to manifest what we are working on. When we focus on Mind, like studying, Spirit and Body can work with it to bring out the best outcome. When we focus on Spirit, like connecting with energy, Mind and Body can uplift the experience even more.


Balance of Trio is important to manifest what we intend to do and be. Body-Mind-Spirit work together in harmony and make impossible possible. There is no limit for our manifestation. Everything is within our reach. We can access to Everything    –  because we are EVERYTHING.


Our higher-self is the conductor of three, overseeing what each is doing. Our Self/Soul can tell each of them to help out each other for our creation. The harmony of trio, working with conscious and focused intention, can bring us whatever we want.


I always check in with the trio to see if they are working together. Then I check my intention is backed by the trio. If one of then are not in the balance, then things might not go as smooth as I intend it to be. Placing a clear direction (focused intention) can help Body-Mind-Spirit to see what they are working on.  Once the trio start working together in harmony, we have EVERYTHING within our reach.


It is so simple.