Sometime I feel I am invisible. I thought this is not a good thing. But I started to like being invisible. My idea of ‘invisible’ changed recently and I rather like being invisible.


I get ignored often. I wondered why this is the case. I do not get served at shops. People keep conversations going as if I am not there. When I say something, I get ignored. I used to get pretty upset with those incidents.


The channel I went to see explained this well for me.


We become invisible as we rise our vibration. Higher vibrations cannot be seen by lower vibrations. So, when we radiate higher vibration, we are invisible to those who with lower vibrations.  We are too bright for them! This is such an eye opener for me!


This piece of information changed my view of ‘being ignored’, ‘not be able to join in’ , ‘being invisible’ etc…..   I feel more positive being ignored!!


As we become the beings of bright light and high vibration, we become invisible to lower dense energies. Then we do not attract those lower energies!

We are magnet to LIGHT! Shine shine shine!!