I went to see a channel the other day. This is the second time I went to see the guy. The spirit he channels is very inspiring and funny, and most of all, he is spot on! I got so much out of having one hour chat with this spirit at our first session, so I decided to see him again. I am sure I will be seeing him again sometime soon.



He was talking about becoming “nothing”. Nothing! With the human mind, we think being “nothing” is kind of scary. What do you mean by becoming ‘nothing’?


We as a human, have so many identity, personality, masks, belief system, and all those stuff other people put upon us. We may call them our personality-self. We can call them as masks, layers and layers of attachments we identify as a part of “me”.


Those are just aspects of me, not the essence of me. More I can shed off the layer, more I can get closer to the core essence of my soul. Layers become thinner, taking more of my attachments which are not necessary any more. What is left is pure essence. The soul. Which is connected with ALL THAT IS.


Do you know what this mean? What is left is NOTHING.  Because we are a part of the Universe – the WHOLE.  When we shed off the layers of our personality self, we become NOTHING. It does not mean we do not exist. We exist as WHOLE, not as a singular entity.


I am sorry if you find it hard to understand……I find it hard to explain myself! I just know this is what it is. I just feel this is the truth. And I am getting closer to the core of my essence. Quantum energy is at work.


More things start to make sense.  I hope you do share this feeling too.