Small and simple things can have big, profound effects on others as well as on ourselves.


I thought that as a healer, I need to do something significant to make change. I must have been looking for some “big” stuff to solve or heal. Looking for “WOW” moment.


Then, I came to realise that this not gonna happen! I will be forever seeking a WOW moment and missing my focus. This realisation is HUGE for me.


Any act – simple and small –  is good enough. No, simpler the better! Any action we take, if these come from our heart and with love, we are making difference. Simple gesture like smiling and say thank you, can create such a beautiful vibe which travels miles! We can do this every day and any time. Doing simple stuff with LOVE makes us happy and rise our vibration. When our vibration rises, people around us feel it and be affected by our vibes. It is so simple!


Any action with LOVE is HEALING. We do not have to do major healing act to be a healer. Healing does not have to be ‘lie on a bed and place hands here and there……’ stuff!! Holding a door for next person is healing! Picking up a rubbish on the street is healing. When we do things with LOVE and KINDNESS, then everything we do is HEALING. When we feel JOY and HAPPINESS, we spread HEALING to others and the Universe. Doing small and simple stuff, and feeling joy and love, we make changes in others and ourselves.


When we enjoy the high frequency of our energy, we all benefit. Rise the vibration of all of us on this planet and beyond. So, please everyone, start spreading the message  – simple action of LOVE everyday 🙂