I am experiencing Shift around me.


Place so familiar to me looks different. Everyday scenery looks amazingly different. Sky and cloud formation is very interesting these days. I notice the hill which I did not even pay attention before. The hill – hiding behind a city landscape. I know it was there always, but I did not realise it was so vividly green. And it looks so close. Distance feels so close. I do not know why. I just feel it.


Energies kept rushing through my body. Sometime I need to stop driving as I do not feel safe. The feeling I get is not uncomfortable. I like the feel. I enjoy it. I do not know what it is. I do not care what it is. I just enjoy the sudden rush of energy.


I do not really remember my dream. However, I start having some vivid dreams these days. Dreams. They feel so real. I wonder which is dream and which is real. There is no isolation. Dream state becoming and merging into our reality. Some dreams are so intense and I feel like I am actually living it.  I guess I am. What is real anyway?


Everything seems unstable for me these days. I do not know what and why, and I do not care what or why. I am loving the feeling of change, shift and difference.


It is time for us to acknowledge the change and enjoy the ride. Exciting time ahead.