Why do we try to fit into a group?

Why do we need to compete against others?

Why do we feel the need to prove ourselves?



We are all unique human being. We cannot be categorised into a particular group nor cannot be compared with other human being – because we are different. How can we compare one is different from another? Comparison creates competition. No one is above or below anyone. We are unique.


We do not need to prove ourselves to anyone. Why we have such a need to tell others about our achievement or accomplishment. If we are happy with what we did and learnt, then that should be enough? If we are seeking other’s acknowledgement for what we did, then our pure focus is slightly off to the side. It is like we do something for others and expect thanks for it. That is not a good intention.


When we celebrate our own uniqueness, we have less and less social problems. I am looking forward to the time when people stop fighting to be better than others. Such a waste of energy.