Words. Words. Words.


Sometime I feel words get in the way. I try to explain things which I cannot put into words (especially English!!). I feel things which kind of difficult to express with words. Words cannot tell everything.


When I first started to live in a country where I did not know the language well, I carried my dictionary with me all the time. I needed to translate every single word I came across. I needed to understand in my native language what this English word means etc…..


Now bring the clock forward 21 years. I do not even care to understand every single word. I get message through without knowing every vocab people used. I understand what people said through the feeling I receive from the bodies. I feel the words.


Words carry vibration. Words are energy. When we talk to each other, we exchange energy through words. Not only that, our body will vibrate energy. Body vibes mingle with words we speak, and energy can be felt with our whole body. Word itself is just a part of energy exchange.


If we focus on mere words or what this word means etc…  we cannot see a whole picture. Feeling words with the body. Receive information through vibration. This is what communication is all about?


Feel it, absorb it, enjoy it. Exchanging energy using our whole body not just spoken words…..this is true communication.