I somehow manage to piggyback my way to many adventures. This must be my power (!) to be able to tag along with others (lol)!

Back in January this year, a friend of mine asked me if I was interested to join her a road trip. I said of course I would. I went along with her to the road trip and a workshop, which turned out to be the most significant spiritual experience I ever had.

Then this September, I did the same. Another friend of mine invited me to join her road trip. I did it with my great pleasure. It was so much fun. I was so blessed to be able to travel along side of her.

I will have another chance of piggybacking in November. A friend will take me to yet another road trip! I feel so grateful to have such opportunity. If I have no one to go with, I do not think I would travel. When comes to planning a major trip away from home, I need someone to initiate and make it happen…….

I thought I am a lazy one and cannot initiate things to do. But this I found is limiting belief of mine. I follow along to others for exciting events and adventures. I think that his benefit not only me but also the person who invited me to go journey with. Somehow I manage to bring out positive things from others when I interact with them. Without any interaction, I am just me. With other’s energy around, I can be more than what I am. It is like a battery. I need a charger to create power!

Like the last post I wrote. I am Silence. Sounds need Silence. Without Silence, you cannot hear sounds. I think I act like that silence. Piggybacking is the same. The Universe is doing some magical thing! Invisible force is working behind my back!

Is this true? Am I just being a big ego? I certainly do not feel that way. I feel my presence benefits some situation and some people. People can bring out of the best in others. I reckon.


Energy exchange is wonderful thing.