I thought I lost my voice.

I thought I forgot how to speak out, to express myself with words or sounds.

When gathering with spiritual friends, we tend to do toning. Usually it happens without any plans. Someone just starts to tone and the rest joins in. Such a beautiful thing. I like listening to the sounds created by lovely beings. My whole body reacts with tones. I enjoy the energy running through my body.

One day, a group of us forming a circle, hand in hand, burst into toning. Everyone was making their own sound. Together it was beautiful. Melting into the air. Then I found myself could not join in. My throat was tight. I was kind of choking sensation. I thought to myself…..  ‘oh dear. I lost my voice!’.

Ever since the incident, I decided to avoid toning. I just could not join in. Even though I enjoy listening, I myself did not have any input to the whole toning process.

Anyway, cut a long story short……

Few weeks ago, I had a break through!

I still cannot tone, but I found my own sound. The sound of Silence. This is my sound. Sound does not have to be audible. It can be non-sound – Silence. I discovered this when a group of us were at Castle Hill, Christchurch. We did three Ra to the Sun. Of course I tried to join. The first Ra, I joined. It did not feel right. The second time, I decided to just listen. It felt just right. My body felt more energy then than the first time. The third time I realise Silence is my sound. I was actually joining the toning! It was amazing discovery for me.

For a long time, I thought I lost my voice. I thought I was useless at toning.

Now I know this was not true. I always had my own sound. The Sound of Silence.

Without the silence, we cannot hear sound.