I had a magnificent re-union last weekend.  Spring Equiox time here in New Zealand.

It was a re-unionof our past. We shared our lives together long time ago. People who gathered at the workshop had something in common. We are all from the Land of MU – my dear Lemuria. They are all Lemurians. We gathered together once again at this time on the Earth to re-connect with our past, Lemurian heritage, Lemurian blueprint……so that we can be who we came here to be.

Ever since I first heard the word “Lemuria”, I knew I had strong connection to the land and its civilization. I knew I was there in Lemuria. I was once a lemurian.

The re-union with fellow Lemurians was such a treat for me. I just felt Home-Coming. Instant relief from the illusion of our modern so-called ‘normal’ life. The life where we pretend to be someone else not true self. We try to fit in. We try avoiding sharing our own truth. Such a limiting life….. caused me great struggle.

Being with Lemurians helped me to see myself as soul. A part of a big Earth ascension project. I do not have to hide my thoughts in case others think I am crazy. I can openly talk about my truth. What a relief! What a great gathering!

Just in few days, I have discovered more about myself and clarity of what I am here to contribute. Still a lot of searching to do, but I know something shifted inside of me. Great joy to be living NOW. This time on the Earth…… in New Zealand – the Land of MU. I feel so blessed to be here.

I feel the warm energy going through my body as I write this. I sense the presence of Lemurian Elders around me. They are with us. They are here now to work with us, guide us, and bring us together once again to bring back our Lemurian gifts. Be the LIGHT. Be JOY.

This is the time of great change. Accelerated growth to help the Earth ascend. And the Universe ascend. We all work together, holding the LIGHT.

I crave for more energy exchange with fellow Lemurian. Gathering like this gives me great courage to move forward and confidence to do my work. I had a AMAZING time in the land of MU.