It is good to share what you know already with others. You might think ideas you have might not be relevant or useful for others, but most cases, it is very much useful.


I have been a ‘hidden’ spiritualist for a long time. Recently I learnt to open up and show my true colours. I am sure I have gained quite a bit of knowledge and wisdom along the way. My journey is not a waste at all.


I am not starting to share my ‘inside’ with others. I always thought I know nothing and others know a lot. I found that this is not true. Everyone have their own unique wisdom to share. We all contribute each other and learn from each other.


More open I become, more and more spiritual people and occasions I invite into my life. I am loving these moments. Resonance to people I meet, familiar situations I encounter, those are the moments I treasure. I feel I am walking and living my path. I feel fulfilled. I feel pure JOY.


Took me long time to shed my covers. Now I am showing what I am without any masks or disguise. It feels nice. It feels just right.


I share my thoughts and ideas with others without hesitation. This blog is one of them.