We tend to look for answers to our questions from outside sources. We tend to look for re-assurance from others if we are doing “the right thing”. Lots and lots of questions regarding our quest for happiness and life fulfilment. We go and seet channels, psychics, life coaches etc….. We read books and attend workshops etc….. We kind of addicted to those things. I know I am.



I came to realise that,


We know the answers to our questions already.


We have a closet inside of ourselves. The closet to our own wisdom – which hold answers to all our curious questions. We might call it our intuition. We might call it our gut feeling. We might call it our psychic-ability. Whatever it is, we all have it already.


We do not need to seek answers from outside. We need to seek answers inside of ourselves. We know the answers. We just tend to ignore or forget them.


Today I got this picture in my head.

Looking for a key to a closet. Looking around so hard but cannot find it. Then I realised the closet is not locked at all. It is open. Why do I need a key? It is open and accessible. Just need to look!


When we seek for answers to our questions about our life, purpose etc……we just need to look within. The answers are already there for you 🙂