This is the question I got asked today.



Fear of unknown. Fear of change. Fear of losing my identity.


My life situation came to the point which I need to take some action to make way to something new. I can feel the change in the air. As a physical 3D being, I need to take action to make it happen. I can dream about it, but action is required as well. I know this so well.



I am still stuck. Stuck in the situation that no longer serve me. The situation make me physically not well. I get drained energetically. And I find myself being frustrated. I turn into the person I do not want to be.


There are so many “signs” why I should get out of this situation. I know this so well. And I am still in it. Why is that?


It was timely question I got today. What am I afraid of? What is that keeping me stuck in the situation? Fear of change is the big one. Somehow I am afraid of losing the identity I created so far. I have changed. I am changing. I am not the person I was. My so-called identity is constantly changing. So why am I afraid of losing this?


Do I really want to honour myself as the pure soul? Do I really want to achieve my true potential? Do I really deserve that?


These limiting ideas are the one demon I have been facing. I know as a spiritual being, the limitation imposed upon me is just an illusion. I can take them away. Negative belief does not serve me any more ant it is time to turn things around.


So, what am I afraid of?