We are all born with the aspect of God. We are a part of God. We are God.

God I am.

All is perfect.

All is well.

I can create the life I want. I can manifest the things I want.

With the skills we all have as God, we can create the life we want. With focus and determination, we can be who we want to be.

With the power of God I am.

I choose to live the life in full. I choose to be loving, lovable and loved. I choose Love and Harmony. I choose positive. I choose Light.

I am a part of God. I am God.

With the sense of the power I found, I am more determined to achieve my full potential without hesitation. I have gift to share with others. The gift of giving is getting bigger and more powerful. Single step at a time. I can fulfil my soul purpose.

God I am.

I live with this knowledge. Everyday is new day.