Barter system. Fair and easy. 

If our society works on the basis of barter exchange, we do not have inequality, rich or poor. We cannot accumulate our wealth or store away for the rainy day. We share what we have or what we know. Sharing the goods, knowledge, and talents. It is fair and simple. 


I have a friend who “pays” me for my massage with her vegetable. I have another friend who gives me a reading in exchange for my healing. Or sometime I give massage and I get a cup of tea. My work as a massage therapist and a energy healer is to earn my living. However this is not the only and main reason for why I do this. My main focus is on helping out others and sharing what I know/can. I am not doing this for just money. So barter system works well with me. I receive what I need any way 🙂 


With the majority of society focus on money and material possession, our heart is suffering from the loss of compassion and sharing. Idea of limitation kicks in and we tend to store what we have as a security. We stop sharing what we have already because we worry about not having enough. We compare with others. We compete with others. 


Good old way of exchanging goods and skills. I wonder if it ever will come back as a main source of doing business.