I am gaining more confidence with my own ability. I am more confident that I am receiving what I need and I am giving what people around me need. More I trust the voice inside of my head, more I hear and more clearer it gets.


I feel that I am finding my voice again. My inner voice. I lost it so long time ago. My inner voice as well as my confidence was well hidden deep deep down. Some time it appeared, but disappeared quickly.


It is a good feeling to regain my voice. I am not afraid to share my voice, my idea, my thoughts with others any more. I am supposed to share my thoughts with others. I do not question this any more. I am comfortable with my own voice.


This is such a change for me. Once were scared and just wanted to hide in the comfortable situation. Now I am different. I have changed. It is like my true self is starting to emerge.


I have my own voice now. Let me speak the truth.