Currently, my life is evolved around what is happening to other people – namely my in-laws. 


As a second wife of their son, I did not really get involved in their family affair. I know they consider me as a part of the family, but I was somehow stepping outside of their immediate family circle. Recent event brought me more closer to them and I am really enjoying the closer relationship.


I used to leave organising stuff for my partner. He is their son. He can handle it. Then as a man with not good memory, he managed to forget to organise things for them or worse, just could not be bothered (lol).


As a natural organiser, I stepped in. I started to handle few things needed to be done for them. I feel like I am actually contributing something good for them. And I feel good doing it. 


I enjoy helping out. I enjoy doing things for others. I care about others more than I care about me. I care about my in-laws welfare. I do want them to be happy and comfortable. I am happy if I can contribute or help with something. 


I am not sure where this blog entry is going……. this is just a note of my thought today.