I do not like gossip.


My mother taught me that if I talk about other people behind their back, I would be talked about 10 times more in return. Do not gossip was the lesson I learnt ever since I was little.


I do not like to gossip and I do not like listening others gossiping. And I do not like those women’s magazines. Whole lot of gossips!


At my part-time work, my co-workers love to gossip. They talk about the boss behind her back. They talk about customers. Some good comments but mostly complaints. I try not to join those ‘conversations’ as much as possible. I try not to comment on them and with them. I can just imagine that they would be talking about me when I am not there. Sad but true.


I wonder why us humans love to gossip. Magazines are full of gossips about celebrities. I guess those magazines exist because we love to read about them. Why do we care about who is this star is dating or how many wrinkles a person have? Are we getting entertained by finding out about what others are doing?


Sometime, we are faced with the situation we just need to talk about other people who are causing you some headaches. Sometime, I find myself doing exactly what I do not like to do! I am still human, you know. I just try hard to resist the urge to complain about others. Think about the bigger picture! There is nothing to complain about!!


I surround myself with a bubble of light – so that I do not get involved in others gossiping. I just day-dream about my star origin instead.