Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of night?


I had several nights waking up at around the same time. I have been watching the Olympics on TV till late night.  I should have been tired and slept though till morning.


I woke up and look at a clock by the bed. 



Some nights, I got up at 1:56am. These two numbers kept repeating. Some night, I woke at 1:53am. Some at 1:56am. Strange, eh.



I looked up the book “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virture to see if these numbers are significant. 



The ascended masters are pushing you to make the changes you’ve been considering. This powerful and sacred number sequence also signifies a connection to the holy trinity, Mother, the goddess, Mary Magdalene, and/or forgiveness.



All your material needs are supplied as you take the human steps necessary to commence the changes you’re guided to make. Keep your thoughts positive about these changes.