I used to doubt my intuition. If something just popped into my head, I discounted this as my imagination or just a thought. I did not recognise it as “message”. I always wondered how people receive messages and I thought it would be so nice to receive some myself.


Things has changed. 

Or I have changed. 


I now perceive whatever pops into my head as what is. I do not double-take this information. I do not discount as “oh, it is just silly my imagination”. I started to trust the messages I receive. 


I get opportunities to use my healing skill on friends and clients. They provide me with good feedbacks which cement and confirm I am actually receiving messages. Ideas, words, pictures etc… just pop up while I am at a healing session. These are information I need to pass onto the person I am with. They might not means anything to me, but they will to the person. I am not there to judge the information I receive. I just need to pass the messages and see if they are any relevant to them. 


I am learning to trust my intuition. I trust that I am receiving messages from the Above, and I am here to pass the messages. If I withdraw them, I am not doing my part well. 


This took so sooooooooo long to come about. It has been long time working on my own confidence. It is getting easier. Still I have not mastered yet but I am working on it.